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If you are planning on traveling to a foreign country is without using travel agency’s service, but are planning on traveling and planning independently, it is useful and convenient to have a few special publications or travel guides nearby by you. Why? Let’s talk why it is so convenient, and let’s discuss what the market can offer for such independent traveler like you.

Traveling alone or planning a trip by your own is not that hard. You just need to gather information on the Internet and listen to professional travelers’ pieces of advice. You say, where to find such a professional? You do not need to look for them. "Invest" some money and soon you will be holding a fantastic travel guide created by such people. Your only concern in this case to choose the most direct and most informative publication. There are thousands of travel guides in the world.

In these Internet times, the tour guide you desire can be downloaded from the other side of the world. Of course, it is always the most reliable to choose the well-known and proven guides. You probably will not be wrong saying that in Europe the first violin is played by Lonely Planet. Of course, we also have to mention the "Let's Go,” “Rough Guides”, and “Insight Guides.”
It is way more interesting to travel this way

Anyone who has ever traveled with tour book in a bag, probably has no doubt whether the trip guide can really help you? There is definitely no need to be questioning this! Anyone who has ever tried this way of traveling, unanimously approve that the "Lonely Planet" and other well-designed tour guides come in handy sometimes even much better than a map or GPS system. There you can find answers to almost all the questions raised by the traveler: there are cheap hotels, where delicious meals, what to see, what you should be aware of and many others.
From where those travel guide writers know what you need? Believe me, they do not really know because usually they have been thought the same experiences. In preparation of the material, they spend a few months and sometimes more "scanning" the country or the city, hotels, restaurants. They are collecting information from locals, wander in undiscovered travel routes and places worthy of attention.
So traveling with the tour book, you will experience and certainly will see more than comparing with everything almost every travel agency can offer you.

There are minuses

• Travel books are not cheap. To purchase a Lonely Planet or another book with known brand name, you will have to pay a pretty significant amount of cash. On the other hand, if you properly use book tips, you can save even more than you spend on that book. If you buy this book and you are actually going to use, it is worth investing in it.

• Some people are trying to save money buying used travel guides. Clearly, the price is much lower. But... you should keep in mind that such information can very quickly grow old. After all, it is very likely that a few years ago described excellent restaurant may now be closed, hotel prices have changed, and popular attractions are now closed. So it is not worth buying more than two years old tour guide. And if you already bought it, please don’t follow it blindly, keep other alternative sources of information.

• Travel guides’ authors are only travelers, and sometimes the information may not be entirely objective or it might not meet your expectations. One more thing: once the name of guest houses, cafes or other objects is placed in the popular travel guide shows, it gets flocked with tourists. After all, you are not the only person who bought that guide. There are hundreds or thousands of others who have chosen this way of traveling. Naturally, prices there can spike, there will be no room, and so on. It is appropriate to understand it and prepare for it. Well, the rest in your hands. Good luck!

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